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TL 057543170622


Get ready to rock and roll with our Teal Rocker Mullet Wig! This head-turning wig is the ultimate accessory for anyone ready to unleash their inner rockstar. With its vibrant teal color and iconic mullet style, you'll be the hair-oes of any costume party or event. Whether you're channeling '80s glam or just want to add a pop of color to your ensemble, this wig is a riff-tastic choice. The flowing locks will have you ready to take center stage, and you'll be singing the praises of this wig all night long. So, amp up the volume, strike a chord, and let this Teal Rocker Mullet Wig be the headliner of your costume collection. It's time to wig out and show off your true colors – the more vibrant, the better!

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