Purple Grapes Adult Costume

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Purple Grapes Adult Costume Includes:

  • Purple Grape Tunic
  • Purple Balloons
  • Purple Hood

I heard through the grape vine that this Purple Grape costume for adults is great! Have some fun at your next party dressed up as a bunch of grapes!

The Purple Grape costume includes a tunic of stretchy purple material with long sleeves. The tunic is covered with round sleeves that balloons can be slipped into and then inflated to give the appearance of grapes. Purple balloons are included with the costume. A large green poly-foam leaf sits on one shoulder to look like you were picked right off the vine. A purple hood is also included with the costume and fits comfortably on the head, leaving the face exposed.

Add accessories like a pair of cartoon hand gloves to give this costume that extra touch. This costume is great for Halloween, a food themed play, or a funny costume party. Pair this costume with some of our other great food themed costumes for a great group costume idea!