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Introduce your little one to the enchanting world of Star Wars with the Princess Leia Infant Costume, a delightful homage to the iconic character. Designed with adorable attention to detail, this costume transforms your baby into a galactic princess. Featuring a miniature version of Princess Leia's classic white gown, distinctive bun hairstyle, and a touch of royal charm, the ensemble captures the essence of elegance and grace. Whether your infant is gearing up for their first Halloween, themed events, or charming photo sessions, the Princess Leia Infant Costume guarantees an unforgettable experience filled with delightful smiles, whimsical play, and the joy of embracing a timeless character from the Star Wars saga.

This costume includes:

  • Tunic
  • Pants
  • Hair Bun Hat
  • "Little Princess" Booties