Prince Royal Storybook Costume

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This Mens Royal Storybook Prince Costume includes:

  • Jacket with detachable epaulets
  • Pants
  • Belt with gold buckle
  • Attached shoulder chord
  • Attached chest chord

This gorgeous suit outfit is fit for royalty, turning you into a storybook prince right out of a fairy tale! The jacket is white, and the rest of the items are a rich royal red. Whether for a party or to impress a loved one you will look handsome and impressive!

The jacket is made out of a thick off-white color and has slight foam-like on the chest. Strategic stitching and use of gold trim create the symmetrical structure of the garment, creating the center double breasted effect leading up to the square red detachable epaulets on the top of each shoulder. These red epaulets have gold chord trim around the outside with additional fringe which drapes over the shoulders and onto the arm. A matching red fabric creates a small upturned collar on the jacket. Across the chest there is an attached twisted gold rope which hangs in an elegant curve. On the right shoulder an additional chord loop is also attached and hangs downward. Silver buttons line down the chest and abdomen to where the red velvet belt with a solid metal gold buckle sits. In matching red velvet like material the pants have a solid gold line down each pant leg and feature and elastic waistband for a comfortable and secure fit on most bodies.

This beautifully made Storybook Prince costume is perfect to impress the princess in your life with for your next dress up event! Whether for a Disney or Fairytale themed party, or for classic Halloween festivities, you’ll look elegant and powerful in this royal outfit. Pair with a pair of white gloves or a crown to truly sell your new identity!