Pirate Beard and Moustache Set | Pirates | Facial Hair

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Ahoy, mateys! Unleash your inner scallywag with our Pirate Beard and Moustache Set, the ultimate fake facial hair that'll have you looking so plunder-ful, you'll be ready to sail the high seas in style. This set is so beard-tastic, it's like it was plucked straight from Blackbeard himself, ensuring your pirate transformation is seaworthy and shipshape. Whether you're donning your swashbuckling best for a costume party, searching for buried treasure, or just adding a touch of "arrr-some" charm to your ensemble, our Pirate Beard and Moustache Set is the key to making you the captain of the costume crew. So, don't just "shore" up your look; anchor it with this fake facial hair, because when it comes to pirate panache, we've got your face covered, arrr!

Our Pirate Beard & Moustache set includes a long Blackbeard style beard and matching moustache.

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