Piggyback Bavarian Ride-on Costume

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289N045 - PiggyBack Bavarian Ride-on  Costume:


The PiggyBack Bavarian Ride-on Costume includes:

  • Costume with mock legs


This Oktoberfest celebrate in style and from new heights with the PiggyBack Bavarian Ride-on Costume! This stuffed costume is designed to create the illusion that you are riding on the shoulders of a blonde Bavarian lady wearing a classic Dirndl. Your own legs go inside the costume and are disguised as the ladies, while a pair of stuffed legs are disguised as your own. The ladies stuffed arms wrap around your fake ones to complete the ‘piggy back’ effect. The PiggyBack Bavarian Ride-on Costume is perfect for Oktoberfest celebrations, Halloween night, and other themed events!