Perky Chicken Tail Costume Accessory

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This hilarious and practical Perky Chicken Tail is the perfect costume accessory to complete your ensemble while also brining in laughter from friends and family. This tail consists of white fabric with long crimped ‘fur’ which resembles feathers. This fabric covers a formed structure with a flat base to sit against your body while worn. Extending out of the tip of this white ‘feathered’ section are four red foam sections which are curved and act as the feathered plumes of a chickens tail. To wear this Perky Chicken Tail Costume Accessory there is an attached elastic band which fits around the waist, and can fe tightened and secured as needed. Wear this funny piece out to barnyard themed events, on stage for an unforgettable performance, or keep as an item for a tickle trunk! The possibilities are endless.

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