Pennywise IT Movie 2017 Grand Heritage Costume

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The Pennywise IT Movie 2017 Grand Heritage Costume Includes:

  • Jumpsuit
  • Collar
  • Mask

Hia shopper! Why continue shopping when you can come join us and float! We all float down here! With the Pennywise IT Movie 2017 Grand Heritage Costume watch as friends and family shrink away when you make your entrance. What better way to instil fear and chaos than masquerading as a dancing clown?

This three-piece premium costume includes a pull-over mask, a collar, and a full body jumpsuit all made to the likeness of Pennywise’s costume from the 2017 movie IT.  The jumpsuit has full length sleeves and pant legs, all made of a shiny gray polyester material, this suit is also made to appear as two pieces, the upper gown, and a pair of pants. On the jacket portion of the costume there is a seam acting as center opening, and on this seam three red pom-poms are attached, appearing as buttons. At the end of each sleeve and pant leg there is a rim of smaller red pom-poms along with a portion of tool to create volume. A pleated skirt extends below the waist to about the knees, and similar pleating around the shoulders where it poofs out. A tulle collar is also included, wrapping around the neck helping to blend the mask into the bodysuit. Finally, the included mask is made of molded latex and is shaped and painted to look like Pennywise. The face’s ‘skin’ is painted a white color and appears to be cracked or worn down through age and use. The eyebrow ridge is furrowed in a sinister expression, and the mouth is partially open to reveal long yellowed teeth. Red face makeup follows a line down both eyes connecting to the similar colored lips. The end of the nose is also painted a matching red, resembling a clown’s stereotypical face paint. Lastly, styled orange hair is attached to the pull-over mask, adding to the realistic depiction of an iconic villain.

The Pennywise IT Movie 2017 Grand Heritage Costume would make a perfect costume for perusing Comic Con and surprising horror fans, or utilize it at your next Halloween party to truly frighten those around you!