Oreo Costume

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The Adult Oreo Cookie Costume includes:

  • Large one-piece polyester foam Oreo Cookie with shoulder straps

This one size fits most Oreo Cookie costume is super easy to use.  Unfold, place over your head, slip your arms through the holes around the cream filling, and rock the Oreo.  You'll look delicious in this cookie with hardly any effort.

The Oreo costume is a polyester shell with stretchy filling holding the front cookie and back cookie together.  Dyed and not silk screened, this costume will not peel or flake.  Pair with black or white pants and top, and you're all set.  Ready to go out of the bag, this costume is great for last minute purchases.  For the more adventurous, this costume can be padded out around your body to hold its shape better.  Any kind of polyester stuffing will work.  Another option is cardboard cut into a circle and pinned in place.  Additional accessories include gloves and hats.  Be the tastiest partier in the venue in this giant Oreo cookie.  Now go find your good buddy Milk!

Great for all dress up occasions, the Oreo Cookie Costume for adults pairs well with basic pants and shirts.  Hilarious to dance in, yet very modest, this costume can be worn to the office or the dance floor.