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The Fun Adult Oreo Couple Costume includes:

  • Oreo costume tunic
  • Oreo costume tunic with icing

Have a sweet tooth? Celebrate your favourite treat as a duo and wear the Fun Adult Oreo Couple Costume to your next themed party!  All you need now is a glass of milk!

Both tunics included in the Adult Oreo Couple Costume are made of polyfoam to retain their shape, and have a base color of black with printed grey detailing. The front of the first costume is designed as the upper cookie, displaying the iconic Oreo design with a plain backside. The second costume has a white circular front piece sewn on as the icing center, while the back of the costume has the repeating Oreo design from the first tunic. When being worn, both Adult Oreo tunics can be slipped on over the head and placed over top of an existing outfit or costume.

Your friends, family, and in-laws will all be hungry by the end of the night! Wear these couples costumes to Halloween gatherings or themed events for a fun night!