On Patrol Police/Cop Costume - Plus Size

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  • Mens On Patrol Plus Size Costume
  • On Patrol Police/Cop Costume - Plus Size


The Mens On Patrol Plus Size Costume includes:

  • Hat
  • Belt
  • Shirt
  • Pants

Now the only thing between law and the utter chaos in the Thin Blue Line, and that's you! It's an awesome responsibility to serve and protect, but you'll be ready with this great Men's On Patrol Costume for the toughest men on the force. You'll be ready to take a hard line with your party guests, or turn a blind eye for those who don't mind greasing your palm a little. All on the QT, obviously.

The Police Officer shirt features an embroidered patch with the simple words, “CITY COP” emblazoned on the chest, with stamped chest and shoulder badges in faux metal.
Made of tough synthetic material, the shirt and pants are accentuated by a leather-like belt with silver buckle and holes, and a sharp, this-means-business canvas-like police cap with shiny brim. Extras not included, but sunglasses, billy club and handcuffs available in store and on-line.

You'll be ready to take names and kick butt this Halloween season, or keep any other costume party running smooth and within acceptable parameters, if that's your thing. They say law enforcement is 99% sheer boredom and 1% pure adrenaline. Dressed right, this year is your chance to turn that around.

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