Medieval Cape Swordsman Night Watchman

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Wrap this marvelous cloak tight about your person as you patrol the dark streets of a 13th century town, where artificial light is expensive, poor and hard to find.  It’s dismal work, but a brave swordsman is always at the ready to end any threat as it starts.  With a faux-fur cowl for the shoulders, this knee-length cloak is designed to provide a weathered, leathery look for prime authenticity.  Luxurious to the touch and to the wearer.  Two metal buckles with leather-like straps close the cloak at the front.

A terrific add to your cosplay outfit or for your role-playing campaign.  Dress up for live-action role-play as well.  Use the cape to create a costume for Halloween or any historically-themed costume event.  Add a medieval coat, sword or staff to complete the costume.

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