Negan Costume - The Walking Dead

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The Men’s The Walking Dead Negan Costume includes:

  • Jacket
  • Belt
  • Pants
  • Glove
  • Scarf


Is there anyone more manipulative, more distrustful, more brutal and ferocious that Negan from The Walking Dead? As leader of the Saviors group, he is a dictator and a cult figurehead, demanding absolute loyalty from his followers, even if he has to murder one in cold blood to give the others a lesson in obedience. Negan is cold, heartless and an absolute survivor in a land full of zombies.

Negan’s most familiar iconic jacket is rendered in heartfelt detail in this supple costume piece, with zippers, belt-strap and snap button collar. Included is his red scarf, tied sharply around his neck, and his single black glove for his right hand. Brass grommets and buckle highlight the tough leather belt included in the costume, to hold up Negan’s grey pants. The pants stretch to fit.

An unusual find for a Fan Expo or Halloween costume party, particularly if any zombies show up for the same event (which will probably happen). Add Negan’s terrifying baseball bat with barbed wire to complete the overall look and send a message to any onlooker that you mean business where zombies are concerned.

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