Mrs. Incredible - Incredibles 2 Costume

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The Womens Incredibles 2 Mrs. Incredible Costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit

  • Skirt

  • Mask

  • 2 Gloves

No one knows, of course, that you really are Elastigirl. You've been keeping it quiet, hiding from a law that bans superheroes. All you've needed is the suit to come out and be yourself, at last – and here it is. You're ready for this. It's time to show that the laws against supers need to be changed!

This gorgeous suit must have been made by Edna Mode. Made of sleek, shiny stretch fabric in scarlet and black, the Mrs. Incredible jumpsuit features the iconic Incredibles logo, plus thigh-high 3D black leggings sewn into the jumpsuit, as well as a black gusset. The black skirt features an orange belt. Overall, the cloth is fine to the touch and thoroughly lavish. Both skirt and jumpsuit close with Velcro tabs, while the mask fits with an elasticized strap. The elbow gloves are pointed and made with foam to give a heightened 3D effect.

Join a trend to have your whole family to dress up as supers for Halloween this year, or go it alone – after all, who needs the men? You can save the world on your own, whether at a video games expo or comic con, or to any superhero-themed party that might be in the offing. Elastigirl has exploded in popularity, challenging even Wonder Woman and Black Widow.