Michael Myers Mask | Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers | Character Masks

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As a fan of horror and all things disturbing, the Michael Myers Halloween 6 Mask is something you are familiar with and excited by! This pull over style mask is made of molded latex which has been painted, textured, and shaded to recreate the iconic look! A head of black shaggy faux hair creates a stark contrast against the white, grey, and yellow blend of tones against the fabricated skin. Wrinkles and lines around the face create an unnerving appearance, down to the cut out eye sections and the uneven eyebrows. You can pair the Michael Myers Halloween 6 Mask with one of our Michael Myers costume sets to create a detailed and elaborate ensemble! A great choice for horror themed events and parties, nobody will dare question you when you make your appearance! Also a fun piece for Halloween night to frighten goblins and ghouls away!

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