Mehron Spirit Gum Cutie - 2ml

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Looking to add that something extra special to your costume or need a little help to change things up? This Spirit Gum is great adhesive for applying prosthetics, moustaches, and wigs. 

This Cutie Spirit Gum comes in a 2 ml bottle with a basic brush. Apply the liquid adhesive on the desired area and allow it to dry slightly until it feels tacky to the touch. Lay whatever you are using such as beard over the adhesive and press gently with a towel. Allow to dry. Ideally used with Spirit Gum remover for easy removal. 

This Cutie Spirit gum is a great option for making things stay where they should. Great for Halloween, plays, theatres or videos. Also ideal for false noses, bald caps, beards, wigs and crepe hair.