Robin Hood Medieval Costume

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Mens Robin Hood costume includes:

  • Hoodie with attached vest
  • Belt with pouch
  • Gauntlets
  • Boot covers

Historical or not, this Robin Hood costume will have you looking good for the poor! Sherwood Forest will never be the same.

This Robin Hood costume is made out of a light weight polyester fabric, great for roaming around the woods. The hoodie is a forest green long sleeve shirt with an attached hood. It has a tied brown cord at the neck line. A distressed faux brown leather vest is attached to the shirt. Three faux leather straps with buckles pull the vest fronts together. Along the vest sleeves is a cut out pleather cuff. This Robin Hood costume also comes with some great accessories. A pleather belt with plastic buckle attaches by velcro at the neckline and sits across the chest. It is attached to the waist belt with pouch and velcros around the back. The wrist gauntlets have foam to keep the flared shape and match the vest. The faux leather boot tops have fold over cuffs and an elastic on the bottom to put over your shoe.

Grab your bow and arrow and your band of Merry Men and help the poor by stealing from the rich with this Robin Hood costume. Perfect for plays, Halloween, themed parties like heroes or Medieval.