Mad Hatter Replica Tea Party Hat

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If you are looking for a sophisticated top hat that is unique and one of a kind, look no further than the Mad Hatter Replica Tea Party Hat! This piece is made to be an almost identical reproduction of the Mad Hatters hat from the recent Alice in Wonderland movies. With a faded bronze-like background with a rustic pattern, there is dark brown trim with criss-crosses on it that surrounds the circumference of the brim and the top panel. A thick coral colored scarf with white embroidered flowers on it is wrapped and tied around the hat, with an included piece of paper tucked behind it. A ribbon is also attached along the side with different weight and colored stripes. You can pair the Mad Hatter Replica Tea Party Hat with our magnificent Mad Hatter costume to walk away with a movie ready cosplay! Great for comic expo or themed parties and events you will most definitely bring smiles and exclamations everywhere you go!