Kryolan Professional Clear Glatzan Plastic Bald Cap

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Made out of an especially thin, but tear-resistant plastic, this Clear Glatzan Bald Cap is used to cover the head to create a ‘bald’ scalp. After placing this bald cap on the intended wearer, the piece is then cut to fit the individuals head. To secure the cap to the skin an adhesive like Spirit Gum can be used, typically starting with the forehead then working around the nape of the neck, ears, and temples. When this Kryolan made bald cap is in the correct position, edges can then be smoothed out using latex or eyelash adhesive. This is all to be done prior to any make-up application. For the best result, Kryolan recommends using special greasepaint for rubber items and textures. Carefully set any makeup with a translucent powder to maintain a secure and long lasting wear.

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