Kryolan Professional Aquacolor Interferenz 6 Palette

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The Kryolan Professional Aquacolor Interferenz Palette has 6 different iridescent, highly pigmented, colors which are blend-able and water activated. Made by skilled chemists, these glycerin-based paints are industry ready quality at a cost-effective price. This Interferenz Palette has a variety of different shades and pigments with pearlescent effects, allowing for different looks, highlights, and shading. Perfect to use as make-up or on the face or body, these Aquacolor paints are applied easily using a moistened sponge or brush. The colors can even be buffed out after drying using a soft town or the palm of the hand. By being especial smudge proof, this palette is also resistant to most extreme conditions and movement. To ensure its adherence to the skin during wear a Setting Spray is recommended to lock the make-up in place. The Kryolan Aquacolor Interferenz make-up is also ECARF certified (Seal of Quality). Use to turn your imaginations into a reality, and dive into the SFX world!