Kryolan Professional Aquacolor Dayglow 6 Palette

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The Aqualcolor Dayglow Palette by Kryolan Professional make-up consists of 6 different bright and colorful shades! All the paints in this Dayglow Palette are fat-free water colors which contain a pigment content of around fifty percent! Specifically designed to be color intensive, these paints will glow under normal light conditions. Perfect for use on a variety of pieces, from clothing, to shoes, and more, the special UV formula can also create special lighting effects under black light. To apply use a slightly moistened sponge or brush, and after drying the paint can even be buffed out using a soft towel or the palm of a hand. Also extremely smudge proof, after using a recommended Setting Spray to secure your make-up the paint is resistant against extreme conditions. Dive into the SFX world and create something vibrant, colorful, and unique!