Kryolan Professional Aquacolor 24 SPFX N Palette

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The Kryolan Professional Aquacolor SPFX ‘N’ Palette consists of 12 glycerin-based colors. These rich, blend-able, shades are highly pigmented and high professional quality. Used mainly for face and body painting, these Aquacolors are universal and versatile. For an easy effortless application, use a slightly moistened sponge or brush. After it is dried the paint can be bugged with a town or hand to create a desired effect or texture. If the final makeup will encounter any extreme weather it is best to fix it with a Setting Spray to ensure a long lasting wear! The Aquacolor Palettes are also smudge proof and are easily removed from the skin using soap and water. These paints are also ECARF (Seal of Quality) certified. Use to create a whimsical fantasy make-up, or do a more realistic ensemble with shading and highlighting. Remember, makeup is a science!

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