King Arthur Knight Costume

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King Arthur Medieval Royalty costume includes:

  • Tunic with attached cape
  • Belt
  • Shoulder guards
  • Gauntlets
  • Shin guards
  • Crown 
  • Medallion

This is an elaborate King Arthur medieval royalty costume. Wield Excalibur and fight alongside your knights of the round table.

This seven-piece costume includes a tunic with attached cape, belt, shoulder guards, gauntlets, shin guards, crown and medallion. The tunic has long silver sleeves with fabric meant to mimic the look of chainmail. The cape has a scarf that drapes across the collarbone and down the torso. The hem of the tunic has gold trim and a shield with dragon design printed on the front. The scarf also has dragon designs on it and gold trim. The belt is two straps of faux leather that fasten close with Velcro. It has an attached sheath for a sword. The crown is soft moulded plastic that has snap button that connect the two halves. The medallion is stiff thick plastic that can pin anywhere on to the costume. The armour all matches and are silver metallic fabric with foam lining. The shoulder guards have Velcro fastenings that attached to the shoulders of the tunic. The gauntlets fit around the forearms and have elastic that wrap around the palm of the hands. The shin guards cover the knees and fasten to the leg with elastics.

Wear this great King Arthur costume for Halloween or to medieval or fantasy themed parties. This costume works great as a couples costume with Queen Guinevere or with Merlin the wizard.