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You don't have to be a cigar aficionado to appreciate the suave sophistication this Jumbo Cigar brings to your costume game. This larger-than-life prop adds a touch of smoky charm to any outfit, making it the ultimate accessory for costume parties, theatrical performances, or just when you want to jazz up your look. Whether you're channeling your inner gangster, a classic Hollywood star, or you simply want to have a 'smokin' good time, our Jumbo Cigar will have you looking sharp and ready to ignite the fun. With this oversized prop in hand, you'll have everyone exclaiming, "Now that's one smokin' hot look!" It's time to draw in the compliments and make a grand entrance with this larger-than-life cigar accessory. Get ready to light up your costume and let the good times roll!

*This is a prop only!!*

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