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Are you ready to add a tropical twist to your next costume party? Our Hula Dancer Kit is the ticket to transforming into a hula sensation with ease! This kit is 'lei-d' back and full of aloha spirit, featuring colorful floral leis and a grass skirt that will have you swaying your hips like a true islander. Whether you're planning to hula at a Hawaiian luau, dance your way through a beach-themed bash, or simply make waves at your next costume event, this kit is 'shore' to bring the aloha vibes. Get your grass skirt on, don your lei, and let the rhythm of the ocean guide your moves. You'll be the 'hula' of the party in no time! Aloha, style, and smiles – this kit has it all!

This costume includes:

  • Grass Skirt w/ Flowers
  • 2x Wrist Leis
  • 1x Necklace Lei
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