Hatter Hottie Wonderland Costume - Plus Size

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Hatter Hottie costume includes:

  • Tail coat with attached vest
  • Ruffle skirt
  • Mini top hat
  • Belt
  • Bow tie
  • Handkerchief

This is a gorgeous and intricate Mad Hatter costume. This is an Alice in Wonderland-inspired Hatter Hottie outfit. This is a six-piece costume with a tail coat with attached vest, skirt, mini top hat, bowtie, belt and handkerchief. The coat is long-sleeve with ruffle trim along the cuffs. It buttons up in the front with the diamond-patterned vest. It has mini hip pockets and large pink bow attached to the back of the coat. It has purple trim along the collar, lapels and tails and has matching purple cuffs. Multicoloured buttons also adorn the jacket. The skirt is short and ruffled with two layers and an elastic waistband. The hat is stiff and matches the colour of the tail coat and the pattern on the vest. It also has a small pink bow and an elastic chin strap. 2 long lengths of pink fabric are used for the bowtie and kerchief respectively. The bowtie fabric is thicker than the handkerchief and ties up as a floppy bow. The kerchief fits in one of the mini hip pockets of the jacket. The belt fastens around waist with adjustable Velcro strips. Wear this for Halloween, a group costume with other Wonderland characters or a convention.