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Unlock the magic of the wizarding world with our Harry Potter Wand/Glasses Kit, the ultimate accessory kit that'll have you conjuring enchantments and embracing the Hogwarts spirit with spellbinding style! This kit is so perfectly designed, it's like a direct ticket to Platform 9¾, ensuring you're the star of any Harry Potter-themed event. Whether you're preparing for a wizardly gathering, a cosplay adventure, or just adding a touch of "wizardry" to your day, our Harry Potter Wand/Glasses Kit is the key to making your ensemble as enchanting and authentic as a journey to the wizarding world itself. So, don't just "wand-er" through life; "wizard up" with this kit and become the magical sensation of the day, because when it comes to accessory kits, we're here to make you the "wizarding wonder" of the event!

This kit includes:

  • Glasses
  • Wand

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