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Unleash the wizard within with our Deluxe Harry Potter's Wand, the ultimate costume prop that'll have you conjuring spells and charms with all the enchantment of Hogwarts! This wand is so magical, it's like having the Elder Wand itself, ensuring you're the master of your own wizardry. Whether you're attending a magical masquerade, cosplaying as the Boy Who Lived, or just adding a touch of "wand-tastic" flair to your outfit, our Harry Potter's Wand is the key to making your costume as spellbinding as a Marauder's Map. So, don't just daydream of being a wizard; let the magic come alive with our Deluxe Costume Prop, because when it comes to costume accessories, we're here to make you the true star of the wizarding show!

Wand measures 13.5 inches in length and is made of BPA-free child safe plastic.

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