Elvis Grand Edition 'Aloha from Hawaii' Costume

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Grand Edition Elvis costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit
  • Scarf
  • Belt

This beautiful costume is the one Elvis wore in the Aloha from Hawaii concert. Broadcast your love of Elvis around the world! 

This Elvis costume is a white soft nylon-polyester jumpsuit that sports a high starched collar and a deep v-neck. The top of the jumpsuit has shiny blue, red and gold circular deckles placed strategically to form shapes. On the back of the top there is a large eagle created from the deckles and surrounded by gold star deckles. The collar has wings, the shoulder has an ariel view of an eagle and the front has an eagle (split by the v-neck), all done with formed deckles and surrounded by gold stars. The arms are decorated with gold stars and flare out at the wrist. Unlike the actual Aloha suit, the bell bottom legs of this costume are plain white with no deckles. There is still an insert of red at the bottom increasing the bell size. This costume zips up the front. Included with the costume are a red scarf and belt. The scarf is the same material as the costume and the belt is white poly-foam. The detail on the belt is a good replica of the one worn by the King. There are six gold eagles with a USA flag emblem. Red circle and gold star deckles surround the eagles and there are gold chains hanging down the front of the belt.

Say Aloha from Hawaii with this deluxe costume! This Elvis Presley costume is perfect for impersonators or collectors. Wear it for Halloween or Vegas theme parties and much more. Pair with an Elvis wig and rock and roll glasses to give a little more life to this fantastic costume.