Gnome Buddies Green Hat | Christmas | Decor

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Elevate your Christmas decor with our Gnome Buddies Wearing a Green Hat – the ultimate festive addition that's more than just decorations, they're your 'holiday companions' bringing seasonal delight to your space. These gnomes aren't your average decor; they're your 'merry friends' that infuse your surroundings with Christmas magic. With their charming design and adorable green hats, these gnomes embody the spirit of the season. Whether enhancing your holiday vignettes or adding cheer to your tabletop, our Gnome Buddies Wearing a Green Hat are the perfect choice. Embrace the festive joy and let these gnomes spread Christmas cheer throughout your decor!

Includes 1 Gnome. Each Gnome wears a green hat and is 10.5 inches tall.

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