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  • Funny Inflatable Sumo Rider Costume
  • Sumo Ride-on | Combat Sports | Gender Neutral Costumes


Funny Mens Sumo Rider Costume Includes:

  • Sumo Costume/Pants

Ever wondered what it would feel like to piggy back on a Sumo??  Wonder no more with the Funny Mens Sumo Rider Costume!!

This costume is a simple pant style costume that you would wear over a pair of light pants, as this costume is quite heavy!  The costume has an elastic waist that has a thick string sewn in, kind of like sweat pants, that you tie up to keep the costume in place on your waist.  The legs and top half of the Sumo character are filled with a thick fluff foam, similar to what you would find in children's stuffed animals. and look "realistically cartoony".  The leg portion of the Sumo is where you would put your legs, and the feet of the Sumo have sewn in boot straps to keep them around your feet.

The Funny Mens Sumo Rider Costume is an ideal costume to get a laugh from your friends at your next gathering, party, or Halloween event.  You can even wear them around friends just for some cheap laughs and good times.

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