Freya The Huntsman: Winter's War Costume

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  • Freya The Hunstman: Winter's War Ladies Costume
  • Freya The Huntsman: Winter's War Costume
  • Freya The Huntsman: Winter's War Costume


Freya The Huntsman: Winter's War Ladies Costume includes:

  • Gown with waist detailing
  • Crown
  • Gauntlets

**Please note we find it fits on the smaller side**

Prepare for the Winter's War in this Freya The Huntsman: Winter's War Ladies Costume!

This beautiful one-piece dress is made of a soft fabric with a wonderful sheen to it. Light blue, black and some grey designs sit over a white background on this Norse-inspired costume. The design on this costume almost reminds us of a winter wind. The top of this dress is trimmed in a silver metallic band and includes a silver detailing at the neckline. The sleeves of this dress are short and cover the shoulders and leave the rest of the arm bare. There is a layer of silver netting that covers the top of the dress in a shall like fashion. This silver netting material gives off a cold, icy look and is also trimmed in the same silver metallic band as the neckline. Around the waist sits a small layer of silver metallic fabric. This wraps around the back of the dress at the waist and stops on either side. This silver fabric layer gives a feather-like appearance. There is more silver detailing on the waist that is also found on the neckline of the costume. Under this metallic silver fabric sits a layer of the silver netting. It drapes overtop of the skirt of the dress. It starts at the sides of the waist and wraps around the back and covers the length of the skirt. Again, this fabric gives the look of a layer of shining ice cascading and flowing down the dress. A wonderful headpiece is also included with this costume. This flexible but rigid headpiece is a crown of sorts. The black elastic strap wraps around the back of the head and the crown itself sits against the forehead and frames the face. The detailing in the white headpiece resembles feathers in various sizes and designs. You also need your gauntlets, so this costume comes with a pair. The soft grey fabric has a satin-like sheen to them and cover the forearm. Silver metallic fabric is on the top of the gauntlets and have cutout areas where your arm will show through.

This great costume is an excellent option for those looking for a fun take on the Snow White and the Huntsman story for Halloween. The Freya The Huntsman: Winter's War Ladies Costume will bring out your inner warrior goddess.

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