Foam Clay 150g - 3 Colours

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Foam clay is a non-toxic material that is very unique in it's composition. Freshly out of the tub you will notice it almost feels slightly damp or like a lightly wet clay. Foam clay is in fact a foam first and foremost. During the manufacturing process a softening agent is added allowing it to stay in a malleable state until it is exposed to air for extended periods of time. Once it dries, prepare to be amazed as the once soft foam clay is transformed into a light weight dense foam ready to use for your next cosplay project. 

How do I use Cosplay Pros Foam Clay?

The best way to use foam clay in your projects is truly open to your imagination. Most cosplayers use foam clay to add small more complex details to their builds. Whether your're using it for armor trim, horns, a decorative staff or even filling seams, foam clay can handle it!

  • Sculpt shapes or use with a mold
  • Allow to air dry for 24-48 hours depending on amount used
  • Sand, heat form, cut, or paint
  • Dries very lightweight
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