Flapper Faux Pearl Beads 72" - 2 Colours! | 20s | Costume Jewelry

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  • Flapper Beads 72" - Cream
  • Flapper Beads 72" - White


Step back into the roaring 20s with our Flapper Faux Pearl Beads, the bee's knees of jazz-age accessories! These pearls aren't just strands; they're a trip down memory lane, a glistening reminder of the days when flapper fashion reigned supreme. You'll be the cat's pajamas of any party with these 72 inches of vintage-inspired extravagance. These beads are the perfect way to jazz up your 20s-themed event or to add a touch of retro elegance to your outfit. So, don't be a wet blanket; grab these pearls and let your inner flapper shine! It's time to Charleston into the night, old sport, with our Flapper Faux Pearl Beads – because timeless style never goes out of fashion!

Can be worn several ways.. Leave it long, tie a knot in the end, or wrap the necklace around your neck 2 or 3 times to give a multi-stranded look.

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