Fired-Up Firefighter-Lady Costume

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  • Fired-Up Firefighter-Lady Costume
  • Fired-Up Firefighter-Lady Costume


The Ladies' Fired Up Firefighter Costume includes:

  • Belt
  • Jumpsuit
  • 2 Fingerless gloves

You'll need a fire hose to cool down the other party-goers when you turn up in this hot as blazes Firefighter's costume. Believe us, this ain't about fire prevention, this is fire-fighting-fire, in a big way.

The stretchy black spandex jumpsuit features a shining silver zipper and front catch, for when you want the zipper down cause it's just too steaming to wear the full uniform. It says plainly on the chest patch that you're a member of the Smokin' Hot Rescue unit of the Fire Department. Silver and neon green safety stripes on the uniform are matched by the belt, with similar safety strips on the fingerless gloves. Be sure and add a fireman's helmet, or a fire axe as well.

Sure, you can wear this for Halloween, but you'll want to seriously think of wearing it anywhere that needs a fire started ... or put out for that matter.

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