Faux Oktoberfest Lederhosen T-Shirt

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Guten Tag! Get in the spirit of Oktoberfest with this super easy and comfortable alternative to full on lederhosen; no wedgies guaranteed! So, go ahead and eat your bratwurst with mustard, as this men's faux 'Oktoberfest Lederhosen' shirt is totally washable too!

This 'Oktoberfest Lederhosen' shirt features a print graphic red gingham collar-shirt, with a peek-a-boo hairy chest. The leather lederhosen has two shoulder straps with buckles and includes a lion emblem around the chest-band and floral motif around the waist band. The back shows the back of the shirt and criss-crossed shoulder straps. 

Wear this men's faux 'Oktoberfest Lederhosen' shirt to an Oktoberfest, a beer-hall, German or Austrian festival, Halloween, or just for fun!