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Command attention and embrace the allure of ancient Egypt with our Plus Sized Exquisite Cleopatra Costume – a regal outfit fit for a queen! This costume isn't just any attire – it's your 'Nile-perfect' way to embody the legendary beauty and power of Cleopatra. With a design that's as exquisitely detailed as it is captivating, this costume will have you feeling like the ruler of the Nile. Whether you're adding a touch of 'Cleopatra chic' to a costume event or stepping into history's spotlight, our Plus Sized Exquisite Cleopatra Costume is the ultimate choice. Don't miss your chance to reign supreme – grab this piece and let the 'Cleopatra charisma' shine!

This costume includes:

  • Black Velvet Gown with Egyptian Embossed Pattern, Front Slits and Gold Trim Detailing
  • Egyptian Sequined Collar
  • Belt

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