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Classic Red Riding Hood costume includes:

  • Dress
  • Cape with hood

*Note: Gloves, stockings and basket sold separately.

On the way to grandmother's house? Or just a house party for Halloween? You'll definitely need this Classic Red Riding Hood costume!

This one-piece dress features a black velvet bodice front with white accent panels. The top of the white portion is slightly ruffled and has a black band across the top. Black ribbons give the dress a faux lace look. The Classic Red Riding Hood costume has a zipper in the back to help get in and out of the dress. The shoulder straps are wide to add comfort. The back of the dress is not velvet but is still a soft material that has some flexibility to it. The skirt of this dress is a beautiful cherry red colour with black filigree-style ornamentation. This design almost resembles a black lace and wraps around the bottom portion of the entire dress. The centre of the skirt features a white panel as well, which continues down from the bodice. There is more black filigree-style work here as well. Also included with this beautiful Classic Red Riding Hood costume is the hooded cloak. It is a lovely deep cherry colour to match the dress. The soft velvet material adds a wonderful texture and interest to the cape and keeps with the original story. There is a thin red ribbon to help tie the cloak and the hood fits loosely.

Grab a basket - and maybe a plush animal wolf to put in it - and you're set to make your way through the forest to your next Halloween party!