Dr. Novocaine Dentist Costume

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Dr. Novocaine Men's Dentist Costume includes:

  • White shirt
  • Surgical mask
  • Vinyl half mask

*Note: Pants not included. Fake blood, latex gloves and other dental tools sold separately.

Open wide...

This Dr. Novocaine Men's Dentist Costume is seriously freaky. The simple, white dentist's shirt contains the words "Dr. Novocaine" in a blue outlined rectangle on the top left. The white shirt comes across in the front and white buttons down the right side - just like a real dentist. The surgical mask that comes with the Dr. Novocaine Men's Dentist Costume has two, white elastic straps that stretch behind the head and can be worn with - or without - the vinyl half mask. Or, just on it's own, without the mask. Speaking of the mask, this thing is creepy. It covers only the bottom half of the face and looks as if the lips and skin around the mouth have been removed, exposing the dastardly grin!

For as simple as this costume can be, it's also pretty disturbing - which is great for a spooky Halloween career party!