Donald Trump Billionaire Tycoon Latex Mask

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You're Fired! This great mask is a look-alike for Donald Trump. Head on into the political ring and beat everyone out for the President of the United States.

This look-alike Donald Trump Billionaire Tycoon mask is made of a latex. It has holes in the eyes and mouth for easier breathing. The mask is moulded and painted to give it a more realistic feel. It has sponge foam on the inside around the forehead to help keep shape and for your comfort. It is a one size fits most.

Get recognized this Halloween with this awesome Billionaire Tycoon mask. Make a statement when you pair it with a suit or suit jacket for that TV personality and Presidential look. Perfect for Halloween, a satire take or a political costume, videos, plays or wherever you need a good laugh, Hey, at least no one will be asking if your hair is real!