Disney Beast Mouth Mover Mask

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With a tale as old as time the REAL beauty is in the details. Lift your costume to another level with the Disney Beast Mouth Mover Mask!

This intricate and detailed accessory is a full face mask, fitting over the head and resting on the shoulders. Several different shades of brown faux fur are used to create depth and realism to the piece. This realism is also raised by the inclusion of attached horns, fabric ears, blue irises, and visible lower fangs. On the inside of the mask there is a visible spot for the wearers chin to rest while worn. This spot connects to a mechanism which opens and closes the mouth of the mask by using the users own jaw movements.

Start your happily ever after in style, and utilize the Disney Beast Mouth Mover Mask to perfect your costume this year! Perfect for Disney themed events, visiting this year’s comic con, or making an appearance at a youngsters birthday party!