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This replica gun contains the colored markings required by law, including a permanently attached orange plug.

Are you ready to take to the open ocean and sail your ship towards treasure? Don’t forget to take some protection with you, and pocket the Die-Cast Double Trigger Pirate Pistol Cap Gun Prop! This realistic and rustic looking prop weapon will give you the real weight and feel of a pistol, allowing you to channel your inner scallywag and dive into character. With dark chestnut wood-like element along the handle, and silver pieces and casing along the barrel, this prop also carries a bang with a built in cap to create a loud sound when the trigger is pulled. Add that extra little detail to your costume ensemble this year with this Die-Cast Double Trigger Pirate Pistol with Cap Gun capabilities! Perfect for pirate themed costume parties, Halloween gatherings, and more! This piece would also make a great addition to theater costume closets or TV production sets.

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