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Unleash your inner sleuth with our Sherlock Holmes Detective Kit, the must-have accessory for any aspiring mastermind of deduction! This kit is elementary, my dear Watson, featuring a magnifying glass, a classic deerstalker hat, and a sleek pipe that would make even the most seasoned detectives envious. Transform into the ultimate investigator and step into the shoes of the great detective himself. Whether you're solving mysteries or just adding a touch of cerebral flair to your costume, this detective kit is the key to unlocking a world of intrigue and style. Get ready to channel your inner Holmes and embark on an adventure where every clue brings you closer to the perfect costume solution!

This costume kit includes:

  • Hat
  • Pipe
  • Magnifying Glass

*Mustache not included, but can be purchased separately. Check out our facial hair selection to complete your look!