Deluxe Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie Latex Mask

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As sentient burlap sack there isn’t too many things that take you by surprise. With the Deluxe Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie Latex Mask you can show off your thousands of bugs and scare people with your large creepy smile. This pull-over the head style mask is large and impressive, resembling the character Oogie Bookie from the Nightmare Before Christmas movie and other franchises such as Final Fantasy. This mask has been textured and painted to create the feel and appearance of real burlap, causing the final appearance to seem authentic and realistic. Molded shapes into the mask create the defined eyebrows and bunched up mouth, and large black stitching along the sides extend up into the curled pointed top on the head. Inside the open gap of the mouth is fake painted bugs in different colors and shapes. While being worn a dark colored mesh over the eyes allow the wearer to see out and move around normally. To complete this larger than life costume pair this detailed latex mask with the Prestige Oogie Boogie Nightmare Before Christmas Costume! People will be scared and yet thrilled by your memorable cosplay and interpretation of a classic character! Great for themed parties and events on Halloween night, or save to stroll down the expo floor!