Deluxe Egypt Male Belt

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Escape into a civilization past and explore the elaborate colors and designs of Egyptian fashion with the Deluxe Egypt Male Belt! This wrap around accessory is made of a shiny gold material, and includes three decorated strips of fabric which attach at the bottom seam of the main belt. Around the belt and along the attached strips there are fake jewels used as decoration. These jewels consist of black squares and light blue circles, of which appear in a staggered design. Black embroidery string also contributes to the strips of fabric by bordering lines and shapes, while slightly different textured gold material adds dimension. In the center of the belt there is an embroidered Ankh design which acts like a belt buckle. This Ankh has the image of a green snake wrapping around the top of it. Utilize this belt to make your outfit perfect for cruising down the Nile, or build a costume around the accessories vibrant colors and design!