Deadpool Costume Plus Size

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  • Deadpool Plus Size
  • Deadpool Costume Plus Size


The Deadpool Costume Plus Size includes:

  • Jumpsuit
  • Mask
  • Belt


All right. Maximum effort. We don’t want to break the fourth wall or anything, but buying this Deadpool suit is definitely an interactive costume experience. It’s the way you stop being who you are and become Deadpool … wisecracking, bathing luxuriously in the pumping blood of your adversaries, talking to people who aren’t there. But first you’ll need the costume. No, first you’ll need to know what the costume includes. We should get to that.

The Deadpool muscled jumpsuit design reproduces the classic Deadpool design, with crossed shoulder belts and red panic button on the chest. The jumpsuit is pumped to the max with muscles - abs, pects and serious intercostals – and fits from the shoulders to the ankles, with long sleeves. The three-inch belt closes with Velcro. The mask includes whited out eyes and fully hides the wearer’s face.

Is your internal monologue turned on? Have you considered how absurd it would be for Deadpool to turn up to Halloween, wear the costume, have a good time and not have anything to heal afterwards? But hey, that is the plan, right? Go ahead. Enjoy yourself. You’re Deadpool. What can happen?

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