Dapper Moustache | Facial Hair | Makeup

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Get ready to elevate your style game with our Dapper Moustache, the ultimate fake facial hair that'll have you looking as debonair and "moustache-stic" as a classic movie star! This moustache is so chic, it's like a finishing touch that says you're the connoisseur of dapper style, ensuring your upper lip is the talk of the town. Whether you're dressing up for a swanky soirée, adding some "moustache-mania" to your look, or just ready to stand out in style, our Dapper Moustache is the key to making your facial hair as sophisticated and noteworthy as a black-tie affair. So, don't just "whisker" away the idea; "moustache" your way to fashion glory with this classic accessory because when it comes to faking it 'til you make it, we're here to make you the "upper-lip trendsetter" of the show!

This mustache includes peel and stick adhesive strip.

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