Bad Guy Moustache | Facial Hair

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Get ready to embrace your inner villain with our Bad Guy Moustache, the ultimate piece of faker facial hair that'll have you looking so deviously dashing, you might just "must-dash" from the scene of the crime! This moustache is so sinisterly stylish, it's like a one-way ticket to mischief, ensuring you're the baddest of the bad when it comes to costume creativity. Whether you're scheming at a costume party, playing the role of a charming rogue, or simply adding a touch of "moustache-terious" flair to your look, our Bad Guy Moustache is the key to making your villainous alter ego shine. So, don't just play the part; play it to perfection with our faker facial hair, because when it comes to crafting a wickedly delightful persona, we're here to make you the "moustache-termind" of the show!

Peel and stick adhesive included.