Orgrim / World of Warcraft Costume

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One size: Standard (chest up to 46") 

Orgrim Warcraft Deluxe Muscle Men's Costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit with muscle chest
  • Padded shoulder piece
  • Sculpted shoulder piece
  • Latex full mask

*Note: Toy hammer not included.

Join the ranks of the Frostwolf clan as second-in-command, Orgrim Doomhammer!

Officially licensed, this Orgrim Warcraft Deluxe Muscle Men's Costume is right out of the film, Warcraft. The jumpsuit of the costume features textures like you would not believe. Hair, muscles, skin, even the armour Orgrim is seen wearing in the film is pulled and printed on the soft fabric of the jumpsuit. The 3-D muscle chest and arms are padded to give the illusion of the Orc brute. Also included with the Orgrim Warcraft Deluxe Muscle Men's Costume is a padded piece that attaches to the jumpsuit with Velcro. This separate piece features details of an animal pelt of sorts with areas designed to look like more armour is over-top. There is a moulded plastic shoulder piece that then attaches to the extra piece with Velcro as well. This is a silver and black piece with bone-like spikes protruding from the top, down the length of the armour piece. Other items brought into the look of the jumpsuit are areas around the neckline where a skull and bone necklace is printed onto the jumpsuit. An armband can be seen on the left arm, while two wrist gauntlets appear on both the right and left arms of the jumpsuit. They are all printed on and the the gauntlets appear as if they are to resemble leather. Draping from the centre of the waist is a Orc loincloth, or warrior skirt. This piece is attached to the middle of the jumpsuit but looks as though it is a separate piece. Printed designs of fur and bones decorate this piece of fabric. A stuffed, 3-D belt is sewn to the jumpsuit just above the waist and warrior skirt. The Legs of the Orgrim jumpsuit are a neutral medium-dark beige with more printed detailing in the form of boot tops towards the bottom of each leg. A complete latex character mask also comes with the Orgrim Warcraft Deluxe Muscle Men's Costume. It fits over the face and back of the head a bit. Holes in the eyes help with sight, while holes in the nose and mouth assist breathing and speaking. Entirely moulded of latex, the Orgrim mask also features his tusks and a brown beard. Pointed Orc ears are found on the side of the latex mask and have holes in them to help with hearing.

All-in-all, this costume is a great option for anyone who would like to cosplay at the upcoming Expo, or as a wicked Halloween costume!