Children's Silverback Gorilla Animal Morphsuit

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Morphsuit costume includes:

  • Full bodysuit

This full head to toe Silverback Gorilla kids bodysuit covers everything and is a high quality costume produced by the original Morphsuit company. Grab this Gorilla Morphsuit and have an easy Halloween costume that is comfortable to wear.

This Kids Silverback gorilla Morphsuit breathes easy and has the sublimated animal print all over it giving you a gorilla chest and facial features and gorilla hair in a cinch! You can see and drink through it, and it is machine washable to monkey around over and over. The zipper goes up the back and onto the top of your head. This bodysuit covers everything from your toes, to your fingers, to the top of your head. Anyone can wear them and they can be worn over and over again.

As Morphsuits are made of stretchy Spandex, one size pretty much fits all, but for the perfect fit sizing is based on height. Great for Halloween. Don't forget sporting events and parties!

**Due to the intimate nature of the costume, this item can not be returned**